Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today...i learn alot of thing =)

u think u win jor? maybe lo..
u wan me out WAH KEE? not so easy ba?
nvm...dang wo pa le ni ok?

had my fight with some guy i dont even noe ==
1 by 1 ...i gave up o.O
well, its nothing.. when i fall, i learn how to stand up back

u think ppl like u ma? ppl jz scare of u.. pretend to be good to u, but in their heart..they hated u..
u realised ma? nope..u dont ~
u will noe wad i mean 1 day ba.
ni jue de zhe yang ni jiu ying le a? ni tai tian zhen le ba?
hah ~ u most know de consequences de..^^

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Follow Me Follow Me la la la la ~

TODAY..!! wake up..omg , wheres my mum? she went out jor..
im so HUNGRY..no1 cook for me..okay online sekejap with frens..
den, shu qi say wan go ICENET worr..
ok i bath jor..go ice, saw her...
den online fb..SHE SAY SHE PANIC ==!! like i will eat her aneh..
after a while , go find dai lok about our small problems..@@

den night le, sek sek with his gf car.. go chai leng park, go sunway, blaa blaa
den sudden ah bao call me, say got problem at Sunway, call me go
ok lor..den reach there..omg 30+ ppl..paikia worr
ok , this part i dn wan to say = = in the meanwhile both sides are my frens = PEACE
blaaa, kay kay..go home online..
Uncle Dickson call me go MCD -.- ride motor go sunway MCD
kap siao kap siao..nothing to do , sipeh sienz , den blaaa his gf pang kang liao
dey go home..i also go home, okay the END ..NITEZ = =

Monday, August 2, 2010

Me n Ning conversation = =

12:59 Me
still dn wan slp?
12:59am Jia
dun eh me ==
1:00am Me
Dear ning
still dnwan slp ah?
1:00am Jia
wan liaw loh ~ XD
1:00am Me
wan me tell u bed time stories?
1:01am Jia
okay ar XD
zz err
once upon a time
1:01am Jia
1:01am Me
theres a very pretty princess name ah ning
she stays in a palace near sungai 3
1:02am Jia
1:02am Me
one day..when she was washing her clothes by de river
she met a prince..a rich and ardorable prince
name Milopeng
1:02am Jia
why princess wan wash cloth by herself
maid leh ?
1:03am Me
coz last time ..princess like to wash dem self de..coz too bored
everyday at palace ntg to do
1:03am Jia
oww ~ okay continue
1:03am Me
ok , den prince milo saw princess ah ning was washing her clothes..
prince milo gaze into her beauty and started day dreaming
while princess ning was washing her clothes..she saw prince milo
she started to wonder? who was this guy? he looks very handsome and cute
1:05am Jia
erhhh =.=
1:06am Me
so she walk towards prince milo and asked for his Number..
princess ning: hai handsome..can i have ur number mah?
prince Milo: har? oh oh.. number is 520-1314
princess ning laughed happy and walk back to de palace
1:06am Jia
1:06am Me
prince milo was shocked and happied
and that day on..they started to sms
and even On Call
after few weeks..they start to Paktoh.. and live happily ever after..
and together wash clothes at the river = =
1:07am Jia
1:07am Me
nice story?
1:08am Jia
nice XD hahaha
milopeng u wan sleep ady ?
1:08am Me
no ah.. i jz wake up 9.30pm jz nw
milopeng ==
hamisu..bu she de let me slp hor?
1:09am Jia
no lar
coz i wan go sleep ady .
1:09am Me
if tired go sleep le lur
1:10am Jia
okay laa
1:10am Me
eh wait..gv me ur number
1:11am Jia
520 - 1314
1:11am Me
1:11am Jia
call me xD
dn play la- -
1:11am Jia
u gv me urs lah
i will sms u
1:11am Me
ya rite
u will ==
1:11am Jia
zmk tak blif me ah XD
1:11am Me
no ah
i no say pun
yeah..girls ask from me my number
1:12am Jia

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So sleepy..yawn @@

sekarang ada di ICENET online, rumah kedua saya...LOL
jz back from sunway" fetch bii go work mah, bring her "heavy" laptop along @@
sudden feel not get used to it during de day, so freaking hot
coz normally im awake when its dark,and sleep during they day hoho ~
felt tired now..but lazy go home sleep../gg


Friday, June 18, 2010


wah..rusty le my blog..long no update...
haiz...recently moody ~ kip argue with "her"..jz becoz of small matter.
wuwu ~ today, hmm..argue with fren @@
sumting wrong with me gua? hoho ==
now at EVO online...ahhh! so pek chek ! for no reason ><

Sunday, June 6, 2010


WAKE UP..dear call, den chase me go bath..
den go find qingkai they all....walao, start to rain....ok lo rain abit nia
dai lou min come fetch us go Penang with car...7 ppl in 1 car..WTF? so khek..
k lor go gurney see ppl fang pao...wah so pretty ~ so romantic if my dear beside me ><
haha ~ find parking slot, sek sek...ok find tio le..den park..
go walk walk near hai ki there...suddenly rain dam heavily...walao !
den go gurney there de toilet wait rain stop...wait so long cant stop..diu 1..
den rush back to car...MY SHOE SPOIL.... omg my new slipper leh.
WET like bathing...den we go back Bworth lo....halfway back i found out my Keys are GONE..
Wad the hell? gg liao...lucky got HOME..crap..
reli sui siao eh....eeeeeeeee!!!!
wuwu ~ so saddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, jz say nia la..not really sad - -

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

next time bu gan le ==

today,woke up around 7pm...its pm yarh i know = =
felt lazy..dn wan go lurr...but bii nt around.
hmm, bored..suddenly pei sheng call me..say wan find me,wah bo su bo tai wan find me, he very less find me de...suddenly wan find me..sure got bo ho kang tao de.. ==
ok pc go mandi...go Da Zhong find my fren..oh ya , he jz came back from Johor chat chat..lim teh.

den night go "Lak Kak Deng" find fren, go makan wan tan mee den go back there watch movie..
den 2am+ pei sheng wan go home le...he fetch me bo wear helmet wan cross over the road, to R.U there..his house there nia ma..
omg 2 police ride 125z and 135LC saw us bo helmet...ask us stop!! oh no..
pei sheng slowly reverse and try to run..ZZZZ
i was so CHE GONG...coz technically...2 stroke motor = 125 originally faster den my 135
i say ..wei 125 125..dn run dn run ...pei sheng ignore me and terus fetch me run...
walao...police chase run run go lorong...i see at the back...the police getting far distance among us,at last escape su...
walao nearly accident mati = =
heartbeat so fast..i reli wan pong him..near near also nid wear helmet la UNCLE..!!
this time lucky..2nd time not so heng liao!!Wad a terrified day ><
hoho..den go home,hmm...sipeh sienz..bii bo computer online..wuwu,sms lor